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Post  picheral on Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:20 am

Question from Xiao :
I met a problem when I connected the zooscan in my lab. I have installed all
required software and Epson driver program, but it doesn't work from the
step of preview Vuescan image. I tried to scan some image using the Epson
scan program, it always shows an information of "scanner is warming up,
please wait" after I start scan, and then no response, so I can't obtain
the image. I think the zooprocess works well. Do you know what is the
Thank you!

Dear Xiao,
I have some question for you first :
- Do you mean that you can get a PREVIEW image and this image is OK ? If yes, the system is working well.
- (if not) Can you read "Epson4990" the Input/SOURCE menu of Vuescan ?
- (if not) Can you check that the Zooscan is recognized by Windows ? Check Configuration Panel, System, peripherals, Imaging system (or something similar). You must find the Epson 4990 scanner connected and working well.
- (if not) Is your Zooscan powered (bottom light must be automatically turned ON after powering the system) ?
- (if not) Turn ON the bottom light (Blue button on the cover) immediatly after turning ON the Zooscan. Is the bottom light ON ? If yes, working well, try again the PREVIEW and the SCAN in Vuescan.
Marc P.


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Post  sylvain on Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:22 am

Dear Xiao,

Did you first turn on the power on/off button and then the stand by one ?
This is important to turn on your scanner that way.




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