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Computer for Zooprocess Empty Computer for Zooprocess

Post  picheral on Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:38 pm

Question from Mark Benfield :

Our ZOOSCAN arrived this week Smile I am in the process of purchasing a
computer but the manual says that ZooProcess will not work with
biprocessors. Does this mean it will not work with a dual core processor? I
can order a pentium single core processor if necessary.


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Computer for Zooprocess Empty Computer issues

Post  picheral on Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:45 pm

Dear Mark,

The Zooprocess manual says :

We recommend the use a dedicated computer to operate the Zooscan with ImageJ, ZooProcess and Vuescan.
ImageJ can work with most OS as it is programmed in JAVA but it works slower than a high level program in C++ using Matrox library. We did experiment difficulties to set the proper minimum memory to the 1640 Mo value in ImageJ on many computers. The best solution is to check the chosen computer by installing ImageJ and setting the memory! If you can set it properly, buy it!
• We recommend at least a P4 processor. Xeon single core ones are OK too. DO NOT USE any BI-PROCESSOR computer!
• 2 Go of RAM is necessary for the 2400 dpi images. Next versions of Zooprocess will be tested on 4Go computers to try to process the large and high resolution images as single frame (done in Zooprocess 5.07). We do recommend to have only 2 Go today as we know that some users had problem with higher values that requires Windows Xp x64. 512 Mo are sufficient to process any size of 1200 dpi images! See chapter to check if your computer has the sufficient image memory to process the highest quality images (2400 dpi).
• A 1280 x 1024 monitor is a minimum. We recommend 1680 x 1280 for better image viewing.
• The computer should have a “good” graphic card (not embedded onto the main board).
• This computer must be operated with Xp pro SP2.
• A mouse fitted with a roll button is requested for most of the manual graphic tools (measurements, tag, separation, identification, vignette display from graph…)

Note: ZooProcess is developed and tested only on a regularly updated Windows XPpro, SP2 OS (32bits). We do not plan to set it for Vista for the moment (2008/02).

We recommend to install the computer OS on a small (10-15 Go) boot hard drive (C or D). The computer should have at least an additional large capacity hard drive for images (D or E). On some computers, we observed that a requirement is in the order of the drives: the CDROM letter appears in the last position (i.e. F). Otherwise you may have an error message when launching the ZooProcess macro.
We also recommend keeping the Zooscan computer free of software that is not requested for the Zooscan operation and checks. This is the simplest way to avoid any conflict with ImageJ and Java.

The application notes at this URL ( give some responses.

There is no final answer today. The major issues are related with ImageJ. I do not have any recent PC to test Zooprocess today but the results obtained by Fabien on its laptop last year show that there might be solutions for bi proc PC.

Marc P.


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Computer for Zooprocess Empty Computer dual core issues

Post  picheral on Mon Apr 06, 2009 11:02 am

Question from Yianna
We are in the process of setting up the Zooscan we have here at the Oceanography Centre (model type: ZSCA02; serial no.: 017), and we have a question regarding the computer that we need to purchase.

Is it possible to install the Zooprocess software and use the Zooscan with a dual-core processor computer?
The Zooscan hardware user manual v.1.2.0 we have, emphasizes that bi-processor computers are not compatible with Zooprocess. Is this still the case, or with the new version of Zooprocess a bi-processor can be used?

Would a computer with newer specifications than the ones given in the manual still work without any problems with Zooprocess 6.01 or Zooprocess 5.12?

Also, on another note, do you have any news on when you are planning the next Zooscan training session?



Dear Yianna,
I cannot respond to this precise question as we have no dual core processor PCs in our team. I have no monney today to buy one and test it !
You should take a copy of ImageJ 1.37v from the website and go to the PC shop. Install it on the PC you want to buy and check if you can set the memory to 1.640 Gb as a minimum. If yes, buy the PC ! If not, try also the imageJ 1.41o that will be used for the new version 6 of Zooprocess (
Please let me know the results as other users may be interested by the information !
Best regards
Marc P.


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Computer for Zooprocess Empty A dual core or a quad core PC is NOT a multi processor PC !

Post  picheral on Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:40 am

Dear all,
The Zooprocess manual indicates that running ImageJ on a MULTI PROCESSOR is not trivial. There are no coment today on MULTI CORE processors. We have tested Zooprocess 5.xx on a dual core Dell Inspiron laptop running Xp. It worked well (application note 008) !
We are waiting for a new quad core PC and will give users info about it.
I assume today that it will become more and more difficult to find SINGLE core processors and that ImageJ is now well tested to these PCs.
Marc P.


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Computer for Zooprocess Empty Re: Computer for Zooprocess

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