About use of the closest background and skip option in Zooprocess

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About use of the closest background and skip option in Zooprocess Empty About use of the closest background and skip option in Zooprocess

Post  picheral on Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:53 am

Question emailed by Malinda :

I had one additional question about background scans. You confirmed that the software will use the most recent background images in the project folder. So, I assume that means that you should process and convert any samples you have scanned BEFORE you collect another background image that would be used with future samples (say, the next day). I kept the default parameters on the menu for the convert and process and I saw that there was an option that was enabled that said to skip any files that had already been processed. So, I assume that within a single project, you could say collect a background scan and scan samples on day 1, batch process them that night, then the next day when you collect a new background scan and samples, when you convert and process them the images you collected the day before and processed would be unchanged. Is that correct? I am just trying to think about how we will set up projects--for example is it safest to set up a new project each day so that if you have to reprocess the images, you do not have the complication of multiple background imgages. Can you perhaps tell me how experience has taught you to approach this? Thanks


Dear Malinda,
Closest background means that Zooprocess uses the background (that has been scanned in the selected project) the closest in time from the sample. It may be the morning background or the one scanned the next morning if you have spent the whole night scanning! The background name include the date and time and the sample log files includes the scanning date in its first section.
The default "skip" option is utilized to avoid processing again an image. It allows you to just not worry about what has been already processed or not.
In conclusion, DO NOT create daily projects ! Everything is organized to help technicians or students working routinely on their own projects without having any trouble or manual file sorting needs.
Marc P.


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