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Test1 (7 methods) Empty Test1 (7 methods)

Post  Jürgen on Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:09 pm

Hi all,
I'm still struggling with this analysis.
Let's say I have 2 learning files, File_A and File_B.
So I start the concatenate learning files tool and choose File_A as Learning File 1 and File_B as Learning File 2, and choose Learning File 2 Status as "Test".
--> Analysis fails ("Please check your selections").
Now I do the same as before except that I swap files: File_B as Learning File 1 and File_A as Learning File 2.
Then it works. Why? So how do I decide which one is Learning file and which one Test file? What are the criteria?

And I experienced another strange behaviour. By mistake I chose Learning File 2 Status as "Learning". So the entry in each row in the status column of the concatenated file was "Learning".
But in this case the analysis ended successfully, without error message...

Any ideas...?



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