Error using "View vignettes" with 6.10

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Error using "View vignettes" with 6.10 Empty Error using "View vignettes" with 6.10

Post  msutor on Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:06 pm

I have installed Zooprocess version 6.10 and found that if I try to use the option to View Vignettes to check my scan, I get an error that reads:

Macro Error

Undefined variable in line 97
drawstring (vignettetext + "mm gma = " + gamma>, x1, H -Cool

And then a second error after that window closes

Vignette Extraction Failed

This happens with large and narrow frame images and with images that were converted and processed with an earlier version of Zooprocess and with 6.10. Other functions, such as Viewing the Segmented Image and Separation by Vignette appear to work fine. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


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Error using "View vignettes" with 6.10 Empty View vignette error in version 6.10

Post  picheral on Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:32 pm

Dear Malinda,
This "view vignettes" bug is fixed in version 6.11...

Your email question :
I have read the installation
instructions and one question that I had is, once I have installed the
new Image J, Zooprocess, etc., can I put my old project folders back
into the root folder or should I keep them separate? Thank you. Once
I have completed the software upgrade and worked through processing a
image, using Plankton Identifier, and then returning to Zooprocess to
extract the vignettes and validate the results, I will see if I still
have any questions and I will post them to the forum. Thank you

The upgrade is very easy. You don't have to care about anything else than placing the new macros in the ImageJ/macros directory. All the Zooprocess file architecture and projects are kept as they are. Just start the new Zooprocess software and you will recover all your folders/projects automatically !
Marc P.


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