Starting with the FlowCAM

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Starting with the FlowCAM Empty Starting with the FlowCAM

Post  LAPS on Mon May 09, 2011 7:25 pm

Hi, I am trying the version of the ZooProcess to analyse some FlowCAM data.
I did the following steps:
I created a project
copied all my files to the RAW folder and changed its names so they start with flowcam_
I could use the tool "Fill in metada" and a .txt file was created
But when I try to "Process backgrounds" an error message says "Image 0 not found or no images are open".
Which step am I not doing? I set the configuration to "background_method= Automatic_25i/2000img" and I cannot move on to the "Process Pid and Vignettes" because I could not do the background extraction yet.
What am I doing wrong?
Best regards,


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