Computer shut down during Processing step - help needed

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Computer shut down during Processing step - help needed Empty Computer shut down during Processing step - help needed

Post  fjaine on Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:47 am

Hi Marc and Zooscan users!

I have recently installed a Zooscan machine in my lab in Australia. The software is running on a brand new Intel Xeon, 2.4 GHz, 4Gb RAM, 64-bit Windows7 computer.

I have followed all the steps indicated in the manual and the installation of the software was successful - I am able to scan samples but when I launch the batch processing mode, the computer unexpectedly shuts down after a few minutes and the processing is interrupted.

Have any of you experienced a similar problem before?

I have checked my computer's settings: the screen saver and sleep mode are turned OFF, so this shouldn't happen. I have also checked the .log file in my data folder, which does not end with an error message, so I am guessing that this problem is not related to an error in the software? Another option would be that this is related to memory..? I have followed instructions in the manual and set up the memory limit at 3000. Should it work better if I reduce this? (I cannot seem to install JRockIt as it is a 32-bit application?)

Any help or advice is welcome!

Thank you.



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