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ZooProcess Manual ver 7.00 Empty ZooProcess Manual ver 7.00

Post  allie47njd on Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:48 pm

I have a V2 ZooScan currently (and a V3 to arrive soon). Although I have downloaded and read the ZooProcess Manual for version 7.09, it seems to be lacking of information, especially to a brand-new user of this system. In my search on the ZooScan website, I found the manual for ZooProcess version 7.00, which is over 100 pages. This manual seems to be much more inclusive and descriptive, but I was wondering if it still applies to the newest version of ZooProcess that I have downloaded, 7.11. Can anyone please tell me if there is too big of a difference between these versions that I could/should not follow the longer, in-depth manual for 7.00? Thank you!


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