Visualizing outlines of holes in objects (Area_exc)

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Visualizing outlines of holes in objects (Area_exc) Empty Visualizing outlines of holes in objects (Area_exc)

Post  picheral on Sun Jun 01, 2008 10:15 pm

There is now dedicated tool in Zooprocess to visualize the holes of the objects. They cannot be outlined easily.
A solution is to use the "Check process by viewing segmented images". The segmented image displays the background and the HOLES in white and the objects in black. The black pixels of an object will relate exacly with the number found in the Area_exc parameter for that object. If you want to do the check on vignettes, it is also very easy to perform. Open your vignette in ImageJ and apply the "Image/Adjust/Threshold" tool and set the threshold. If you have extracted your image with gamma set to 1, you can apply the threshold value you have utilized for the image process ("Edit configuration file"). if not, you may not be able to exactly see the holes because the image grey levels have been modified by the gamma process but you will anyhow get an idea.


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