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installation sequence Empty installation sequence

Post  yianna on Mon May 18, 2009 1:59 pm

from what i gather, there is a specific sequence in which all software needs to be installed on the computer for the zooscan (version 1.2.0, model ZSCA02) to work properly. What is this sequence? Image J first, then the installation CD that came with zooscan, then zooprocess 6.10 from the website, then Vuescan 8.4.57? Or some other order?

And what specific software programs are necessary for full operation of the zooscan? (Image J 1.41o, Zooprocess 6.10, Zooprocess drivers, Epson driver, Vuescan 8.4.57, Picasa, etc.)

Are all downloads found on the CD that came with zooscan necessary?


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installation sequence Empty software installation

Post  sylvain on Tue May 19, 2009 7:05 pm

Hi Yianna,

You'll find softwares installation procedure on this same web site. Here is the direct link to the manual: (chapter 3)

Nevertheless the versions mentioned aren't the latest one: you'll find what you need here:
You should download:
- Image J 1.41
- Zooprocess 6.01.

As a reminder, do not install vuescan driver, but epson one only.


Sylvain Fèvre.


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